Configure Split Tunneling in PureVPN

Configure Split Tunneling in PureVPN

Most VPN providers will simply direct and tunnel your entire Internet connection through the VPN connection.However, I did wonder if any VPN providers allowed users to choose which software they wanted to connect through the VPN.

Split tunnelling example

This is how I setup my split tunneling for my VPN.

I do use different browsers on my machines for different purpose. I tend to watch videos using Firefox as I am more familiar with configuring ad blocker on firefox. Hence content specific sites need to be VPN connected.

I download files using bittorent. Although different VPN servers may not run at full speed through a VPN, but I like the security that VPN provides. My ISP sometimes throttle torrent traffic, so bypassing it through the VPN actually makes it quicker!

I don’t like to use Internet Explorer unless certain websites work well through it. I’d like to VPN that too. I don’t want chrome to go through VPN as I usually work in Incognito mode and I’m comfortable enough for it to run without a VPN.


After an extensive Google search and scouring through many VPN forums. I realized that no other VPN has this feature available besides PureVPN. This is an excellent feature that IMHO should be included in all VPN software!. Its very easy to configure.

If you haven’t already subscribed to PureVPN, You can try it out for 3 days with their Money Back Guarantee and see if you like this feature of split tunneling.

Here’s how you can configure PureVPN for Split Tunneling.

Step 1: Run PureVPN as an administrator .

If you’re using Windows, Launch PureVPN by right clicking the icon and select “Run as Administrator”. You will need admin rights for configuring PureVPN for Split Tunneling as you’ll have to launch PureVPN as administrator. Here’s how to do it.

Run as administrator









After PureVPN has launched.

Step 2 : Enable Split tunneling 


Enable split tunneling by clicking on this button. Its red when enabled.

NOTE: If you do not have administrator rights on the computer, you will not be able to do this.

Now that you’ve set PureVPN, you need to add which applications you’d want to run through the VPN. Make sure that all your “HIDDEN ITEMS” in windows are viewable on Windows Explorer.

For Windows 7. Its in Control Panel > Appearance & Personalization, then click “FOLDER OPTIONS” and “Advanced Settings” click “Show hidden files and folders” then click OK

For Windows 8 and 8.1, click “View” then check “Hidden Items”

Now, you may proceed to add applications that you want to access the Internet through PureVPN

Step 3: Adding Applications to set a VPN on

Click on add application

After clicking on “Add Application”. Point it towards the folder where your application is. In this example below. we point it to utorrent to add utorrent to the Split Tunneling list.

add utorrent
















Adding utorrent
Repeat the same processes to add all other software you intend to use via PureVPN.

Click on add application

















Once you’ve done so. Your Split Tunneling in PureVPN should look like this.

Split tunnel Example complete

Split tunnel with a list of applications I have selected divert my Internet Traffic through.

Note: You’ll have to click “launch” from PureVPN to make the application run through VPN and then set your connection purpose or country.

If I’m downloading huge files from bittorent, I usually leave my computer on for hours and maybe overnight. In that scenario. I launch utorrent via PureVPN and choose this configuration below.

connect to fastest server

Step 4 : Select Purpose –> File Sharing

Then select “Connect to the fastest server around the world.

And you’re done!

I just leave my computer on and PureVPN to do its thing until my files are completed. My ISP will not throttle my bandwidth as its masked.

If you like this feature and want to try it out. Click “HERE” to subscribe to PureVPN They have a 3 day money back guarantee. Try it out to see if it works well for your ISP and speed.