Free vs Paid VPNs

Lets face it, we all love to have free stuff and we know that free stuff online will have its limitations. You want a good VPN, but you don’t want to pay alot. Why should you pay for a VPN service when there are a handful of free providers out there? Lets look at the differences.

We all know the saying “There’s no free lunch” and if its too good to be true, it usually and probably is. After all, both free and paid services of VPNs will incurr costs…. in the name of

Server hosting

If there’s a “free” software, they have to be compensated to keep their business or websites running. The most obvious way to generate revenue is to advertise something or to throttle bandwidth. Worst, some may harvest data from users for the intention to sell such information. Also many “free” apps would leave users inundated with advertisements and potentially sacrificing a good user experience from a paid one.

At the end of the day, a free service provider has no obligation to the end user and support will not be as good as a paid one.

Of course, a paid service entails some entitlements a customer is entitled to. At the very least, an assurance and obligation by the service provider to provide certain standards of service for repeat customers and satisfaction levels. They’ll have the funding and resources first to provide a fast and secure technology.

Many reliable ones do not keep logs and keep your annonymity a top priority. Any lapses in service will be ratted out by online netizens on social media and forums almost immediately. Of course there’ll be no annoying ads that pop up while using their services too.

Also, paid services want you back as their customer again, so customer retention is also their key and will be receptive to feedback and suggestions to improve their features, benefits and services.

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